Mint condition Xlint Klipsch center channel speaker. Audiophile on a budget, great clear sound and perfect. 

Add precision and richness to your stereo system with the Klipsch C-2 speaker. Featuring dual 5.25-inch magnetically shielded IMG woofers; this Klipsch speaker reproduces powerful and deep bass effects for your movies. This center speaker has a 1-inch magnetically shielded aluminum-dome tweeter which produces clear and crisp high-frequency sounds. With a frequency response ranging from 82 Hz to 23 kHz, this center speaker enables you to listen to a range of sounds. Boasting a sensitivity rating 95.5 dB, the Klipsch C-2 speaker efficiently converts power to sound. Designed with a black finish with titanium accents, this Klipsch speaker adds aesthetics to your living room.

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