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Teac A-6010 Auto-Reverse reel to reel - Excellent Condition!

For Sale - Teac A-6010 Auto-Reverse reel to reel - Excellent Condition!

Mcintosh MR80 Tuner $2000.00

Mcintosh MR80 Tuner $2000.00
 Best sounding tuner ever made. All functions work properly. Excellent condition.
A beautiful classic MR80 tuner. FM tuning with four presets and auto scan function. Built like a tank. Sonically sensational. One of McIntosh's best tuners. A classic vintage tuner with a modern look and feel. Built like a tank. A must have.  This is the best tuner McIntosh has produced to date
Sensitivity 9.3dBF or 1.6uV for 30dB of quieting. Stereo 50dB quieting sensitivity 14.7dBF or 2.5uV for 3% noise and distortion. Response 20-15kHz (+1 -1dB). Distortion 0.2% in stereo. Capture ratio 1.5. Image rejection 90dB. S/N 75dB. Alt channel selectivity 90dB (narrow) and 110dB (super narrow). Adjacent channel selectivity 8dB (narrow) and 60dB (super narrow). Separation 50dB@1kHz. Spurious rejection 110dB. SCA rejection 60dB.
4 station presets, Preselect sw: in or out, Input sw: cable or antennae, Lock sw: off or on, De-emphasis sw: 75us, 50us, 25us, or out. Signal strength adj.
Glass front panel with black & gold escutcheon. Selectivity sw: narrow or super narrow. Filter sw: out, auto or in. Mode sw: stereo or mono. Scan ctrl: slow to fast. Muting ctrl: min to max. Volume with on-off switch. Tuning ctrl. Push Buttons: 4 presets, Auto scan up and Auto scan down. Tuning. LED column signal strength. Digital frequency readout. Headphone jack.

Audio outputs: 2.5V variable and 1V fixed. Remote control push button jack. Remote control stations sw: preset or all. 300 or two 75 ohm fm cable inputs. Scope outputs. Panloc mounting.
Nice soft touch buttons. Lights up like a charm. Cosmetically very clean; the glass face is clean with no marks and all the stencilling is intact. The chassis is overall clean with little signs of use. All the functions are tested and working normally,
Size: 5-7/16"H, 16"W and 13"D from front panel.
Weight 28 lb. 
Sold from 1980-1985. 
Last retail price $2499.00

Marantz 2270 Receiver - $1000.00 Excellent Fully Working Condition!

Marantz 2270 Receiver - $1000.00 Excellent Fully Working Condition. 
It is in Excellent working condition with clean/Powerful sound.

This is a classic high quality vintage 1970's MARANTZ 2270 stereo receiver that may be one of the finest of the vintage Marantz receivers. These vintage receivers are known for their high quality sound and excellent build quality. 

The vintage Marantz receivers have the silver brushed aluminum faceplate with metal knobs, large blue lighted tuning scale, and wood look vinyl veneer metal cabinet. The receiver has been serviced and had all controls and switches cleaned and lubricated. It has been thoroughly cleaned and detailed and the faceplate & knobs were hand polished. 

The amplifier section was checked and is in excellent working condition and the DC offset was checked and adjusted as well as the idle current. 

Power output is a strong 70 Watts per Channel which is underrated and this is a great receiver to connect a Phono turntable, CD player or an IPOD with adapter RCA connects or listen to the AM/FM stereo radio. 

The receiver has a high quality AM-FM tuning radio section with Gyro-Touch Tuning and the radio section is in excellent working condition. 

The receiver has Treble, Midrange, & Bass control and a Loudness switch to boost frequency range at low volume levels. There are inputs for 2- Phonos, Tape 1, Tape 2, and AUX and the Tape and AUX inputs can also be used for CD or DVD analog or the IPOD connect. There are Inputs for Main AMP IN and Preamp Out so these sections can be used independently if desired. 
The 2270 receiver can handle down to 4 Ohm speakers so a wide variety of speakers can be used. Two pairs of speakers can be connected with an 8 Ohm minimum per pair. 

Sansui TU-9900 Top of Line Vintage Tuner $1000.00

Sansui TU-9900 Top of Line Vintage Tuner $1000.00


The TU-9900 is designed to match the state of the art performance of the AU-9900 and AU-11000 amplifiers.

It features 3 dual-gate MOS FET, switchable sensitivity, signal generator and a low pass filter.

Type: Mono/Stereo Tuner

Tuning Bands: FM, MW

Tuning Scale: Analogue

FM Tuning Range: 88 to 108 MHz

MW Tuning Range: 530 to 1600 kHz

Sensitivity: 1.5uV (FM)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 76dB (FM), 55dB (MW)

Distortion: 1.0% (FM)

Selectivity: 90dB (FM), 70dB (MW)

Frequency response: 30Hz to 15kHz (FM)

Output: 1000mV

Dimensions: 460 x 160 x 310mm

Vintage Altec 601 Two-way Duplex 12" Speakers $1000.00

Vintage Altec 601 Two-way Duplex 12" Speakers $1000.00

These speakers have been used to mix down countless hit records from the 50's and 60's.

Speakers and Crossover are in Very Good Working Condition.
Features:  Highest efficiency 22,000 cycle range 
3" edge-wound bass voice coil 
Massive magnetic structures 
High power handling capacity 
Heavy cast frame construction 
Guaranteed frequency range 
Smooth response 
Low cone resonance
Improved bass response 
Low distortion
Power: 20 watts (30 watts, peak)
Frequency Response: 30 - 22,000 cycles
Sensitivity: 99 db SPL @ 1 watt

112 db SPL from 20 watts
Impedance: 8 ohms
Cone Resonance: 39 cycles
Voice Coil Diameters: LF: 3 inches
HF: 3 /4inches

Rare Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-D5000 Quartz synthesized tuner

 Rare Pioneer Stereo Receiver SX-D5000 Quartz Synthesized Receiver 

Vintage Pioneer SX-D5000 Receiver

Pioneer SX-D5000  $595.00

Vintage Pioneer SX-D5000 - Complete Check up 

Beautiful Condition .

This is a monster amplifier, very large and heavy, due to oversized power supply (that's a good thing!)

SX-D5000 Receiver — The D5000 is a large heavy box, 21 inches across and 39 pounds. It has controls grouped into three areas, the tone area on the left, control area in the center, and the tuning area on the right. The tone area includes speaker A/B, low pass filter, mono, treble, bass, and on-off. The control area includes buttons for FM, AM, AUX, phono, two tape monitors, an adapter loop, 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 dubbing, loudness, mute, and concentric volume and balance controls. The tuning area includes buttons for six pre-sets, down tuning, up tuning, memory, auto tuning, 25 microsecond FM de-emphasis, and FM muting. The D5000 has the non-switching amplifier rated at 80 watts per channel with less than 0.005% distortion. The SX-D5000 was available in 1980 and 1981,

 at a $600 suggested list price.

rated 80 WPC RMS

0.005% THD

Made in Japan

Aux, Tape1, Tape2, Phono, Adaptor, AM, FM

-20 dB mute


Speakers: A,B

Low Filter

FM Memory presets


Pre out / Main in