Carver C-1 preamp On Sale $295.00

Carver C-1 On Sale    $295.00
Carver C-1 preamp.
"Sonic Holography Hi Fidelity Control Console "
First of all, this is a GREAT sounding preamp. First and foremost, it has one of the best sounding line stages that you can find.

It has all the features that you could want. A ton of inputs, 2 phono inputs, one for MM and one for MC cartridges. It has excellent tone controls and the Carver Sonic Holography circuit that can add three dimensional effect to the music. This versatile preamp features MM and MC phono inputs with selectable loading, two tape loops and an additional processor loop, and Carver's exclusive Sonic Hologram Generator.

From the manual section on Sonic Holography:
"Sound images will exist to the left and to the right, well beyond the limits of the loudspeakers.
A very occasional sound image may exist all the way to your right or to your left. The 'front-to-back' or 'stage' depth will be from 10 to 20 feet in front of you, with sound images clearly floating in space behind, and from time to time, in front of the loudspeakers. You can turn your head to 'look' at the sound images and they will stay 'put' in space. Sound images will clearly emerge from beyond the limits of the room boundaries.
At your listening position, and from all around you, including over your shoulders, you will sense (and this is very hard to describe) an almost palpable 'feel' of the space or 'sonic signature' that belongs to the concert hall or recording studio. The sense of the hall is related to very low frequency standing-wave energy, and the complete illusion will be convincing, believable and well defined".

    Left Bass
    Left Treble
    Right Bass
    Right Treble


    Tone On
    MPX Noise Filter
    External Processor
    Dub 2>1
    Dub 1>2
    Tape 1
    Tape 2
    Hologram Injection Ratio: Normal/Theoretical
    Hologram Separation: Normal/Blend
    Sonic Hologram: On, Off
    Speakers: On/Off
    Selector: Aux 2, Aux 1, Tuner, Phono 2, Phono 1

Rear Panel:
    AC Outlet Unswitched (3)
    AC Outlet Switched (3)

    Phono 1 (L, R)
    Phono 2 MC (L, R)
    Tuner (L, R)
    Aux 1 (L, R)
    Aux 2 (L, R)
    Tape 1 (L, R)
    Tape 2 (L, R)
    External Processor (L, R)

    Tape 1 (L, R)
    Tape 2 (L, R)
    External Processor (L, R)
    Main 1 (L, R)
    Main 2 (L, R)

    Infrasonic Filter Engage
    Phono 1 Loading: 0pf, 180pf, 390pf

Shipping Weight: 18 Pounds

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