B & K Components AVP1000 A V tuner / preamplifier On Sale $349.00

B & K AVP-1000    AM/FM Tuner Preamp    349.00
B & K Components AVP1000 A V tuner / preamplifier, designed for use as in audio video systems.

Comes with remote control. Very high quality. MSRP $998.00

This AVP series preamplifier from B & K Components is a versatile audio/video control center with an internal AM/FM tuner. The AVP preamplifiers are designed to not only sound sensational, but also to be an attractive, easy-to-use addition to your audio/video system.

 Latest technology audio design - With B & K, you’re assured that the basic design foundation of your preamplifier provides excellent quality, fidelity, and a sound so true to life, that it sounds as if your system is a sound stage.

 Remote control and front panel operation - A straightforward remote control and intuitive front panel design will let you operate your AVP preamplifier easily, whether you prefer the hands-on front panel or the easy remote control operation.

 AM/FM stereo tuner with 20 station presets per band - The internal AM/FM stereo tuner with digital Phase Locked Loop tuning technology and automatic programming let you preset up to 20 AM and 20 FM stations.

 Multiple inputs - The AVP provides 6 analog audio, 6 digital audio, and 4 video inputs, enabling a variety of system configurations. To select and control the inputs, you can use either the remote control or the front panel. The analog audio inputs include CD, TAPE, DVD/VLD, V1, V2, and TV-V3. The digital
inputs include CD, TUNER, DVD/VLD, V1, V2, and TV-V3. The video inputs include DVD/VLD, V1, V2, and TV-V3.

 Multiple outputs - Multiple audio and video outputs are provided. The audio outputs include buffered, fixed level, V1, V2, and TAPE. The PRE-OUT variable level output features an extra pair of connectors. Surround Sound Processor variable level audio outputs include FRONT L, FRONT R, REAR L, REAR R,
CENTER1, CENTER2, SUB1, and SUB2. The video outputs include V1, V2, MON1, and MON 2.

Tape input / outputs
CD, TV, Video 1 and 2
2 video outputs
2 video inputs
seperate Coax AM / FM inputs
Dobly Surround outputs L/R Front and rear
XLR outputs for driving pro studio gear.
Made in U.S.A.

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