Adcom GTP 450 - Preamp / Tuner $249.00

Adcom GTP 450 - Preamp / Tuner ON SALE $249.00

The GTP450 is a great preamp/tuner. The tuner is broadcast quality and the preamp is excellent. Compare the Adcom GTP-450 to the most expensive separate preamps and tuners available. Evaluate its flexibility next to the most fully-featured control centers you can find. You can see and hear the Adcom difference. It's all about the details. We listen to this preamp in the store on a daily basis. It sounds lush and fabulous.

The GTP-450 is sonically superior to many separate preamplifier and tuner combinations that cost 2, 3, even 5 times more. A value that is typical of Adcom components. To meet the exceedingly high standards and design objectives, the GTP-450 displays that same state-of-the-art component parts that Adcom engineers have implemented in their award-winning separates, including proprietary linear gain amplifiers, polypropylene capacitors, low-loss printed circuit boards, and 1% metal film resistors. The same Class "A" high level output circuitry specified by audio perfectionists in the 'price is no object' stratosphere benefits the GTP-450 as well. It responds more accurately to the musical input and is largely responsible for the clarity, superior resolution and soundstage accuracy for which Adcom performance is known. FM reproduction is station-monitor quality, the highest standard the broadcast signal allows, thanks to an all-new, specifically built multiplex decoder that minimizes noise and hum without sacrificing stereo separation or compressing the dynamic range of the music.

Preamplifier Section
Output Level (Rated) .....1.0V
Input impedance .....25 kohms
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz.....±0.5dB
THD+N at Rated Output 20Hz to 20kHz.....<0.0075%
IM Distortion  SMPTE.....<0.009%
CCIF from 4kHz to 20kHz .....<0.001%
Signal to Noise Ratio (Ref. to 1 volt) "A" Weighted .....<95dB

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