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Harmon Kardon Citation 22 Power Amp MINT CONDITION!!!

 This HK Citation 22 Power Amp is a state of the art amp with virtually zero distortion!!! 200 RMS per side and as stable as you'll find!!!  Very musical sounding and sweet, completely FETs discrete monster power supply!!! As always a GREAT deal here and is in PERFECT condition!!! NO RESERVE!!!
HK has built some great amps over the years. My main experience has been with the Citation line.
The Citation components are usually significantly better that the regular HK line.
I still have the specifications from my original Citation 22

Continuous Average Power FTC)
8 Ohms - 200 Watts per channel driven from 20 Hz to 20kHz, < .08% THD
4 Ohms - 200 Watts per channel driven from 20 Hz to 20kHz, < .08% THD
Bridged Mono
8 Ohms - 400 Watts per channel driven from 20 Hz to 20kHz, < .12% THD

Adcom GTP-550 Pre-Amp/Tuner MINT CONDITION Audiophiles!! ...

 This Adcom pre-amp/Tuner is in PERFECT CONDITION!!!  
Zero distortion and very sweet sounding.  
Truly xlint FM tuner section with GREAT specs!!! 
No remote, Audiophile on a budget!!! Listed low with NO RESERVE!!!!

Adcom GTP-550 Technical Specifications

Preamplifier Section

Output Impedance
Main Outputs.....475ohms
Tape Outputs.....500ohms
Output level (Rated) .....2.0V
Input impedance.....25kohm
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz +0. -0.5dB
THD+N at Rated Output
20Hz to 20kHz.....<0.005%
IM Distortion (CCIF from 4kHz to 20kHz).....<0.005%
Signal to Noise Ratio (Ref. to 2 volt)
"A" Weighted.....>100dB

Surround Modes

Left, Right, and Center Channel Line Outputs
20Hz to 20kHz.....+0, -0.5dB
THD+N at Rated Output (5 Channel Mode)
20Hz to 20kHz.....>0.005%
THD+N at Rated Output (Dolby Pro Logic Mode)
100Hz to 20kHz.....>0.05%
Signal to Noise Ratio
(All Surround Modes, Ref. to 2 volt) 
"A" Weighted.....>95dB
Rear Channel Line Outputs
Frequency Response (5 Channel Mode, No Delay)
20Hz to 20kHz.....+0. -0.5dB
Frequency Response (All Modes With Delay)
20Hz to 7kHz.....+0, -3dB
THD+N at Rated Output (5 Channel Mode, No Delay)
20Hz to 20kHz.....<0.008%
THD+N at Rated Output (All Modes With Delay)
Signal to Noise Ratio (5 Channel Mode, No Delay, Ref. to 2 volt)
"A" Weighted.....>95dB
Signal to Noise Ratio (Ref. to 2 volt)
"A" Weighted.....>70dB

FM Tuner Section

Usable Sensitivity (Mono).....1.2 uV / 13 dBf
Quieting Sensitivity (5OdB)
Mono.....1.7uV / l6dBf
Stereo.....27 uv / 40 dBf
Signal To Noise (65dBf, "A" weighted)
THD+N (1kHz, 65dBf)
Capture Ratio.....1.5dB
Alternate Channel Selectivity (±400kHz).....>75dB
Separation (at 1kHz).....>50dB
Frequency Response (±0.5dB).....30Hz to 15kHz

AM Tuner Section

Selectivity (±10kHz).....> 40dB
Signal To Noise (5mV/m "A" Weighted).....>45dB