Mcintosh MR80 Tuner $2000.00

Mcintosh MR80 Tuner $2000.00
 Best sounding tuner ever made. All functions work properly. Excellent condition.
A beautiful classic MR80 tuner. FM tuning with four presets and auto scan function. Built like a tank. Sonically sensational. One of McIntosh's best tuners. A classic vintage tuner with a modern look and feel. Built like a tank. A must have.  This is the best tuner McIntosh has produced to date
Sensitivity 9.3dBF or 1.6uV for 30dB of quieting. Stereo 50dB quieting sensitivity 14.7dBF or 2.5uV for 3% noise and distortion. Response 20-15kHz (+1 -1dB). Distortion 0.2% in stereo. Capture ratio 1.5. Image rejection 90dB. S/N 75dB. Alt channel selectivity 90dB (narrow) and 110dB (super narrow). Adjacent channel selectivity 8dB (narrow) and 60dB (super narrow). Separation 50dB@1kHz. Spurious rejection 110dB. SCA rejection 60dB.
4 station presets, Preselect sw: in or out, Input sw: cable or antennae, Lock sw: off or on, De-emphasis sw: 75us, 50us, 25us, or out. Signal strength adj.
Glass front panel with black & gold escutcheon. Selectivity sw: narrow or super narrow. Filter sw: out, auto or in. Mode sw: stereo or mono. Scan ctrl: slow to fast. Muting ctrl: min to max. Volume with on-off switch. Tuning ctrl. Push Buttons: 4 presets, Auto scan up and Auto scan down. Tuning. LED column signal strength. Digital frequency readout. Headphone jack.

Audio outputs: 2.5V variable and 1V fixed. Remote control push button jack. Remote control stations sw: preset or all. 300 or two 75 ohm fm cable inputs. Scope outputs. Panloc mounting.
Nice soft touch buttons. Lights up like a charm. Cosmetically very clean; the glass face is clean with no marks and all the stencilling is intact. The chassis is overall clean with little signs of use. All the functions are tested and working normally,
Size: 5-7/16"H, 16"W and 13"D from front panel.
Weight 28 lb. 
Sold from 1980-1985. 
Last retail price $2499.00