My favorite tube amps

I have always had a preference for the sweet sound of a tube power amp, from my first Dynaco Stereo 70 back in the 70's. I see they have never gone out of style, and most true audiophiles will swear by them. Nothing solid state even comes close to the depth, tonality, and lush sound produced by a tube power amp. I will highlight some of my all time favorites here. This is my favorite of all:
The Acoustic Research  Reference 150. The Reference 150 output is 150Wpc into 8 ohms. The  power output stage consist of eight KT120 output tubes in matched pairs, each pair driven by a 6H30 driver. The output-stage coupling is the familiar ultralinear configuration topology.The sound this monster can produce is sweet, silky, and effortless. This is not cheap at 13,000 USD, but it's worth every cent if you love music. The sound puts any solid-state amp to shame. The internal photo shows the engineering talent to full effect: A tightly regulated massive power supply, with a total of 24 B+ power supply caps and  top quality components throughout. The symmetrical layout adds to the stereo separation, and the left and right channel are separated by the output and power transformers that are laid out right down the middle. This increases the overall sense of depth and space. If you have thought that an amplifier could not make much of a difference, be prepared to be amazed.

Audio Research Reference 150