Vifa Home Theatre Receiver $349

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Vifa Home Theatre Receiver VS6X

One of the centerpieces of the Vifa's product line is the SENSE VS6x which is a home theatre receiver, and this little beauty is reported to have 130w per channel from its integrated 6-channel receiver…nice.
The front plate is in stunning titanium with a distinctive 10mm tick front plate, in the same design is the SENSE VS6D DVD player, which can handle MP3, DVD Audio and MPEG4 files.

SENSE is an audiophile package designed with emphasis on clarity and wide coverage.

The Receiver delivers superb Home Theatre performance and excellent 2-channel Hi-Fi. With a 6-channel amplifier, an RDS tuner and a 24 bit DSP, the SENSE Receiver decodes formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS. The Receiver and DVD is operated by a single remote.

Progressive scan on component out enables the SENSE DVD to deliver spotless, theatre quality images. It plays DVD Audio and even MP3, MPEC4 and jpg file pictures.

The speakers feature woofers and mids with glass fiber cones and a super tweeter extending beyond 35 kHz. With two passive radiators supporting the 10” woofer, the Sense sub is highly compact and delivers clean and deep bass. The cabinet is finished in a combination of real wood veneer and first class Piano paint.

SENSE delivers a clean, three-dimensional sound stage at any position in the listening room and allows you to enjoy music and movies for hours without any listening fatigue.

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