Carver C-4000 Holographic Pre Amplifier

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Carver C-4000 Holographic Pre Amplifier

Enjoy lowest to highest frequencies with the Carver C-4000 amplifier that features a frequency response that ranges from 5Hz to 200 kHz. This Carver stereo amplifier consists of dual tone controls which offer you excellent flexibility. Equipped with the Sonic Hologram Generator, this Carver preamplifier expands the stereo panorama, to deliver high-quality stereo effects. With a low frequency noise reduction from 200 Hz to 20 KHz, this Carver stereo amplifier eliminates low frequency which in turns provides a crystal clear sound. This Carver preamplifier comes with buttons for adjustable treble selectivity which are of great use during recording, which requires a more open sound without affecting the mid treble. The Carver C-4000 sports a rugged construction which makes it durable.

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