SG Jolida Stereo Tube Amplifier SJ-302a $750.00

SG Jolida Stereo Tube Amplifier SJ-302a
Rare SG Jolida 302a Tube Integrated Amplifier.
Unit works perfectly and is in Excellent Condition!
Classic parallel push-pull circuit equipped with 12AX7 /12AT7 / EL34 tubes, this thing produces nothing but beautiful, gorgeous music with clarity and transparency. Dynamic range to die for and silky highs. Its performance is best illustrated with violin, saxophone, piano, vocal, Jazz, Classical music.
 This amp has 4 input selector, a ALPS volume control, and balance control on the front. 4 sets of gold hi-level inputs and gold 4 / 8 ohm speaker connections on the back. Amp produces around 50 WPC.
The Tech said it is designed around a Dynaco Stereo 70, with updated components (replacing the 7199 driver tube with 12AX7 / 12AT7) and a selector switch. 

Priced at $750.00
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